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What exactly is Pilates

The Pilates method is a series of customized gymnastics that has gained increasing success thanks to its rapid and lasting results on the pitch, strength, elongation and on the control of the body.
Great for both men and women, aged from 10 up to 90 years, athletes or beginners, for those who want to restore or maintain their mental and physical balance, for those suffering of back pain, with hernias or protrusions, neck, scoliosis, osteoporosis.
It’s also widely recommended for functional recovery after injuries, after physical therapy and helps prepare athletes of any sport, to gain back their shape after a period of inactivity or for dancers who, through advanced protocols, get real improvements in their performances.

Our lessons are structured based on the needs and capabilities of each participant, in order to obtain as quickly as possible, the desired results.
We use the equipment and the machinery that have been manufactured based on the original drawings of Joseph Pilates and our exercises are the same as those studied by him to ensure maximum effectiveness and authenticity of the method.
PILATES4U studio is located within the FORUM SPORT CENTER, on the third floor, in a bright room, airy, quiet, providing privacy and an harmonious atmosphere, with a professional and courteous staff.

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