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Health Benefits


The Pilates method encourages the development of the muscles in length, tapered and elastic for a balanced and flexible body such as those of the dancers. Great for all ages and categories.
Each exercise is governed by the principle of the so-called “two way stretch”, or “two-way stretching”: focusing on the origin and on the insertion of the muscles that go in opposite directions, creating this beneficial elongation.
Defusing tension and seeking for the maximum muscle length improves posture, makes the body more balanced, eliminates soreness that arises in everyday life through efforts or incorrect gestures, eliminates minor injuries or muscle contractions caused by high intensity exercises in specific training.
Stretching and mobilization also “feed” the joints, making them more elastic and sprayed, slowing the aging process and improving the range of action.
For these reasons, the Pilates is suitable and useful for all, and with regular and constant practice, is able to obtain surprising results in a very short time.


Since the very first lessons, you will notice how quickly Pilates tones, defines muscles and improves strength.
The exercises performed with precision, control, regularity and criterion, with the help of tools and springs, ensure that the beneficial effects are visible, fast and, above all, sustainable.
Each motory gesture has to start from the center, said in jargon Powerhouse (i.e. deep abdomen, buttocks and lower back), to finish on the extremities (i.e. legs, arms, neck, high back and feet, that are the basis of postural load).
This will evidently improve everyday’s activity or any other sport, removing the risk of injuries or accidents, and improving sports performance and not only.
The Pilates does not provide specific exercises for individual muscle districts, as it occurs in the traditional gym, instead provides exercises to integrate the whole body, involving all the muscles that make up the muscle chains in performing a given functional movement. This way the force is increased where it lacks the most, giving more symmetry to the side or the limb that is weaker, improving the disharmony of tone between the top and bottom of the body, which is typical for example, of some women who have hypotonic arms but hypertrophic legs.


Having control of our own body and finding the right balance between mind and body itself, is the basis for a good posture and a state of general health. Performing exercises haphazardly nor with accuracy, is often a waste of time that does not lead to any benefit.
Being in control of our body has a 360° effect over the individual’s health, because the systems (neuro-muscular system, endocrine system, respiratory system, etc.) that communicate with each other, starting from the mind, are definitely improved. Just think, for example, of the respiration (on which the method Pilates insists) that unfortunately many overlook: the proper use of the diaphragm is crucial not only for the breathing sake, but also for a good posture and therefore for the whole body functions.
Having mastery, control and awareness of our body also improves the entire immune system, making it more resistant to external attacks caused by stress or by the environment.
When prisoners were captivated and locked up in the island of Mann, and there was a bad outbreak of cholera, the practitioners of the method “Contrology”, invented by Mr. Pilates, were the only ones to escape thanks to their efficient immune system!

Having also a fine motory control, is vital for all sports people and for athletes to improve their specific performances. Just think of tennis, for example, and at the difference that a precise and controlled shoot can make.
The search for balance between body and mind not only helps concentration, but also helps the relation between the dominant and the weaker sides of the body.
For these reasons, Pilates is increasingly practiced as a compensatory gymnastics and for postural realignment suitable for any category.

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