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Our project

After years of teaching in collective Matwork lessons (free body on the mat), I felt the need to create a specific space to offer high standard and quality classes at an affordable cost. This is why I selected the best Pilates equipment on the market and a staff that shared my same goals and at the end, I founded Pilates4U Studio.
Our project is not only to accompany step by step the individual to the knowledge and to the precise execution of the movement itself, but also to give the correct training in order to use the body in maximum economy, comfort and balance.
To achieve this, we have made Pilates method accessible to all, even to those who present special problems such as back pain, neck pain, hernias, gonalgie, brachialgia etc.
Teaching the exercises on a ‘one to one’ basis, correcting each particular execution, the Pilates method allows each individual to manage their body during specific sports, during daily efforts or during collective classes.
We make use of equipment based on the original drawings and invented directly by J. Pilates. This and the specific work we do on each individual, allows us to reach the desired results in a much faster and durable way.
For this reasons, in our studio, we frequently use the Reformers, the Cadillac, the Chair, the Barrells and the Spine corrector, according to the client’s specific needs. We also practice with Matwork, with the aid of straps, springs and circles to help increase awareness of the body.

Alessandra Pelonara

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