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Our Team

Our team, headed by Alessandra Pelonara, consists of third generation teachers of the Classical Pilates.
Each of us has studied with teachers trained at the school of Roman Kryzanowska or Jay Grimes, both direct descendants of ‘the pure teaching’ of Joseph Pilates, inventor of the Method.
Alessandra comes from a dance tradition and then from fitness, Elisabetta from Musicals, Riccardo from kayak and Angela from wakeboard: they are all lovers of the Method and moved by a great passion and professionalism and eager to make available to you their expertise.
Thanks to the professional experience of our international staff, we can speak in English in our classes, if our customer requires it.

Alessandra Pelonara

Born in Padova, graduated from the Dance Academy of the Teatro Nuovo in Turin. After a short career as a professional dancer, she decides to study the true Fitness “made in U.S.A.” at the American College of Sport and Medicine (A.C.S.M.) the most prestigious university institute of sport, in the L.A. where she graduated in 1997. She graduated in Sports Sciences at the San Raffaele University in Rome.

FIGI and FIF certified, she began her career as a fitness instructor of Aerobics, Step, Total body and toning, Fitboxe; she later becomes certified Instructor of Weights and Physical Culture 2nd level F.I.P.C.F. At the Sports School of the C.O.N.I. (Rome Acqua Acetosa).

Vice Italian Fitness Champion C.S.A.I.N. in 1998 and 7th classified in the Italian Absolutes in 1999, International Presenter and Master Trainer for the B-Cube Academy between 2000 and 2005 and subsequently Teacher at the refresher courses of the University Institute of Motor Sciences Foro Italico (Rome), in 2006 she is among the very few and very first women to achieve the 3rd level Master in Personal Trainer FIPE c / o the Sports School of the C.O.N.I. and Faculty of Motor Sciences Tor Vergata.

Subsequently she studied and attended the ‘Polestar Italia’ school where she graduated in 2009. Already a teacher at the Studio Pilates Forum Sport Center, she decides to explore and get to know Classic Pilates thoroughly and attends the specialization courses of True Pilates Italy in Rome with Sabina Formichella (“lumbago patient treatment”, “postural lower limbs re-education”, “vertical mat” and “treatment of scoliosis”), Classical Pilates Italy (“pelvic and transverse floor in the Pilates method”), Peak Pilates to Auckland in New Zealand (“Reformer Variations”), at “The Art of Control” (Pilates Studio of the State University of New York) with Mejo Wiggin (Cadillac Barells and Chairs), and at “Real Pilates” in New York with Alicea Ungaro (“Towers” and “Pilates for Pregnancy”) and again with Mejo Wiggin (“Arm Chair” and “Guillotine”).

Curious and passionate, she took part in numerous workshops both in Italy and in the U.K. and U.S.A. and Portugal with prestigious second generation teachers such as Dorothy Wandewalle, Marjorie Oron, Micheal Fritze and Ton Voogt, Moses Urbano, Jerome Weinberg, Sandy Shimoda, Inelia Garcia, Karen Frischmann and Jay Gries (now the only direct student of Joseph Pilates in life right at his Vintage Pilates school in Los Angeles).

In May 2016 she is among the first certified in Italy “Classical Syllabus”, famous school of specialization of Classical Pilates by Mejo Wiggin, her great mentor.

Always looking for updates or new notions, in 2018 she is certified “Pilates teacher” also at the Classical Pilates Italia school of Cristina Pintucci and “Mezièrès Plus” with the French school of posturology method Mezièrès JMC-ASM Formation. She also becomes a massage therapist and expert in Pilates and posture for the TV channel GM24 (formerly HSE24) since July 2015 in the sports, wellness and Pilates shows, also present on Reteoro TV, Alessandra also collaborates with the online platforms “MatYouCan” and “Fitness Experience” with her lively lessons from ‘home Fitness Pilates’.

Always ready to give useful advice on all levels, from building a new body, to nutrition, to daily exercises to do at home, her goal is to help people who come to her to live better as much as possible and as long as possible. Currently, in addition to collaborations with television channels, online platforms, she manages, directs and teaches at the Pilates4U Studio and collaborates with the Forum Sport Center for the collective classes of Pilates Matwork. She is also a UNC Posturologist Kinesiologist (National Union of Kinesiologists no. 18681).






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