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Our Team

Our team, headed by Alessandra Pelonara, consists of third generation teachers of the Classical Pilates.
Each of us has studied with teachers trained at the school of Roman Kryzanowska or Jay Grimes, both direct descendants of ‘the pure teaching’ of Joseph Pilates, inventor of the Method.
Alessandra comes from a dance tradition and then from fitness, Elisabetta from Musicals, Riccardo from kayak and Angela from wakeboard: they are all lovers of the Method and moved by a great passion and professionalism and eager to make available to you their expertise.
Thanks to the professional experience of our international staff, we can speak in English in our classes, if our customer requires it.


Alessandra Pelonara

Alessandra begins her career as a professional ballerina after having graduated from L’Accademia di Danza del Teatro Nuovo in Turin.
In 1997 she completes her degree in G.E.I ( Group Exercise fitness Instructor) at the American College of Sport and Medicine (L.A., USA) and becomes the Italian Vice Champion in Fitness in 1998 (C.S.A.I.N) as well as 7th classified at the ‘Assoluti Italiani’.
International trainer and presenter for B-Cube Academy from 2001 to 2005, and winner of Fitbox “Presenter of the year” award at the fitness fair in Rimini, she becomes a certified free-weight and body-building instructor (3d level) in 2002 after having studied at F.I.P.C.F.
Studies at the Institute of Sports Medicine , Foro Italico in 2005 (I.U.S.M)
Masters in Personal Training from ‘Scuola dello Sport’ C.O.N.I and the Faculty of Sports Medicine of Tor Vergata in 2006
Certification from Polestar Pilates School (P.M.A) Rome (2007)
– True Pilates (Rome) with Sabrina Formichella.
– Treatment of patients with lower back pain, foot and lower limb rehabilitation (Peak Pilates, Auckland- New Zealand.
– Reformer variations (The Art of Control, State University, NY) with Mejo Wiggin.
– Cadillac and Chairs (Real Pilates) with Alycea Ungaro.
– Pilates for pregnant and Towers.
– Arm Chair and Guillotine (with Mejo Wiggins).
Alessandra has also participated in numerous seminars and workshops in Italy and London with second generation instructors such as Dorothee Wandewalle, Merjorie Oron, Ton Voogt, Jay Grimes (last living direct disciple of Joseph Pilates), Sandy Shimoda and Karen Frischmann (from the prestigious Vintage Pilates in L.A.).
She is a personal Trainer and sports coach, with extensive experience in some of the more prestigious Health Clubs in Rome (Forum, Due Ponti, S.C., Area etc..).
Alessandra is driven by her strong passion for her work and provides training that goes well beyond the simple workout.
She aims beyond physical training to include suggestions and advice to improve one’s life and wellbeing; from remodeling one’s physical appearance, to dietary advice, to exercise her clients can easily do at home.
She presently owns and manages Studio Pilates4U and collaborates with the Forum Sport Center by running Group Pilates Mat classes.

 Riccardo Piattelli

Roberta Grimaldi

Giorgia Massacci